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For many participants, erotic desire was experienced as a result of the awareness that femininity had been constructed, which enabled them to fully realise their fantasy. Sexual scripts provide a framework for analysing sexual behaviour and interactions; in mainstream culture, practices are performed within a limited repertoire of scripts. This sub-group was the focus of this analysis. He avoided meeting her a few more times before she gave him an ultimatum: Institutional Review Board approved all study materials and activities. Discussion The aim of this study was to better understand the meaning and construction of erotic desire among a sample of heterosexual men who occasionally had sex with a trans woman. Three distinct themes of desire emerged:

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The drawback of that, of course, is that you're just as disposable to them as they are to you.

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Participants provided written consent and then completed a brief demographic questionnaire before participating in the in-depth, semi-structured qualitative interview. The cotton version is when people who otherwise support trans rights say they wouldn't have sex with a trans person. It's just the sort of thing I can imagine my lover's friends asking about me.

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