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In short, this study would suggest young people are feeling less and less straight. Not that I was anything to talk about because I mostly sat on the bench. This post is also available in: Because, despite the significant shift in numbers of younger people identifying as something other than heterosexual, there still seems to be one area of sexual activity where the shift in attitudes are lagging behind - men experimenting with men. By the time of the last survey, 7. I ended up going to his hotel and we ended up getting it on. Over the course of a year, it happened a few times.

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But that changed during my time in bootcamp after joining the Marines.

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It's OK guys, just admit it - half of you are not 100% straight

It was always for a big tip. Nick Arnold 26 May When I was back in high school, I dated this girl from my neighborhood. Be honest, how much do you edit YOUR selfies? There was a guy who was about my age 22 who I was strangely attracted to.

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One time while we were hanging out, he shared with me that he was bi. Another study looked at same-sex experiences in Americans between and When I was 19, I used to play ball in our neighborhood league. One of the two dudes was out on campus. I think labels do more harm than good. Not sure if it was his build or what, but I just I just know that I liked him.

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