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Lol I know how you feel XD I am bisexual though I don't make moves on taken girls and sometimes, one of my close friends get suspicious and jealous of me. It just because your boyfriend is a guy and he sees you bonding with your guy friend and jealousy kicks in. I get jelous of lesbians. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Healing the Wounds of the Past

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One day, he picked me up from school don't remember why or where the hell my own car was and I introduced him to my dearest friend Laura.

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My Boyfriend’s Jealous of My Gay Bestie

Don't know if I was jealous that I'd lost two of my best friends or if I was not willing to admit at that time that I was secretely in love with this guy. I am jealous because it is a gay man's dream 2 have a gay man who is straight in every way. That just seems like setting myself up for a doomed outcome. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Download all the shit hop that you can for your kids, neices, nephews, and their friends also. And about the jealousy thing with your bff?

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Why I was So into Tight Jeans. I hungered for the Wild My bff who is a girl and I've been friends with since like 1st grade has this possesive boyfriend who thinks she's going to cheat on him with me. Why is my girlfriend so jealous of my girl best friend? But there are some people that behave jealously of these relationships. I walked up to a guy at a straight bar one night and gave him my friends number and told him "she thinks you're cute, but was too shy to give this to you". When we finally did split up, he seemed to really regret it, and then started encouraging her to get back with me.

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