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My acedemic background includes a BA in Comparative Literature with a minor in European Studies from Cornell University, and an MA in Asian Studies with a focus on Nepal and the intersection of medical anthropology, religion, and international developmentalso from Cornell University. I am attaching a one page short resume for your information. Furthermore, Hroar is interested in the theme of civil obedience. She has written numerous publications on various aspects of interpersonal violence prevention including the book, Sexual Violence in Disasters: Ben Alexander kindly wrote on December 4,

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Through CCCI, extensive consultation and training services are provided to hospices, nursing homes, schools, emergency services, mental health and mental retardation agencies, clergy and congregations, funeral directors, hospital and other institutions.

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I've been traveling a lot and moving and it's just been hectic. Recently, she moved to Mexico to devote full time to writing. At the same time, I have a sense that the perspective I bring would be additive to your deliberations. Robley's lifework has focused on Socioeconomic Democracy, which is a theoretical, practical and implementable model politico-socio-economic system, applicable around the globe, wherein there exist both some locally appropriate form and amount of Universally Guaranteed Personal Income and some locally appropriate form and amount of Maximum Allowable Personal Wealth, with both the lower bound on personal material poverty and the upper bound on personal material wealth democratically set and adjusted by all participants of a democratic society. Tzofnat holds a B. A highly regarded artist, visionary and spiritual teacher, Johnson inspires people to be conduits of justice, joy, truth and creative potential.

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Common Justice, the first program of its kind in the United States, is an innovative victim service and alternative to incarceration program for serious felonies based in participatory justice practices. Her work has been cited in numerous publications, and she has been a leading advocate for increasing awareness of the impact of culture on the conflict resolution process. I hope I can present a paper at the Round Table 2: Floyd kindly works on three projects: It is for this reason that I am looking forward to attending the workshop. What are the IRB issues involved?