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But this is the same Michael Glatze who left Playguy indeclaring he was no longer gay, embraced Christian fundamentalism, and became a vocal opponent of LGBT rights. It relaunched in after and eight year hiatus. Along with Barbara GrierLaPorte continued to publish until money dried up in The magazine became a source of breaking news for both New York City and the nation. To give you the lowdown on which glossy mags you should be supporting we have listed the top 10 for you to buy.

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Out magazine is the cornerstone of top relevant publications currently on the market.

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In addition to their popular Popnography blogOUT has some strong travel content. Founded inBlueboy got its name from a famous 18th-century portrait by Thomas Gainsborough of the same name that featured a boy dressed up in fancy blue clothes. As younger readers became more militant in the fight for equality, they lashed back at the older members' ideas. You can also order it online, or download digital editions here. Yes, please also send regular blog updates!

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Iconic, historic, legendary gay nightlife spots are shutting their doors. YGA was an award-winning magazine for queer and questioning youth, functioning as an accessible and inclusive resource for many. Beyond The Myths of Bisexuality, intentionally went for a salacious title, taking on the toughest of stereotypes like that bisexuals will have sex with "anything that moves. Even though other LGBT magazines at the time knew that sex sells - and used that to their advantage - HERO Magazine steered clear of pornography and other sexual content. It is the go to publication that has existed for decades at the top of the heap.

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