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Study 4a supported the expectation that conservative preferences to maintain the status quo would help account for relations among religiosity, sexual prejudice, and opposition to same-sex marriage. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology92 Inthe U. This section needs expansion with: Numerous studies have investigated the prevalence of acceptance and disapproval of homosexuality and have consistently found correlations with various demographic, psychological, and social variables.

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It is noteworthy that willingness to protest against same-sex marriage was less strongly related to sexual prejudice, and yet we obtained parallel findings for this measure of behavioral intention.

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LGBT rights opposition

Group-based dominance and opposition to equality as independent predictors of self-esteem, ethnocentrism, and social policy attitudes among African Americans and European Americans. Moral argument, religion, and same-sex marriage: Trend lines show aggregated data from polls conducted in each year. In light of current debates regarding the expansion of gay rights in several countries, including the United States, France, Ireland, Russia, and Australia, this research presents a timely investigation into the motivational underpinnings of religious opposition to same-sex marriage. Study 4a Political conservatism involves two distinct but correlated components, namely, resistance to change and opposition to equality Jost, ; Jost et al. Insofar as religious doctrine emphasizes traditional, longstanding mores, as well as values such as compassion and tolerance, we hypothesized that the influence of resistance to change would be greater than the influence of opposition to equality when it comes to same-sex marriage. Internal and exernal motivation to respond without prejudice.

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Retrieved 28 January Grand Rapids, Michigan, US: Battle for the Children: Everyday is a March for Life. Materials Religiosity Participants indicated the strength of their religious conviction by responding to the following item on a scale ranging from 1 not at all religious to 7 extremely religious: Journal of Homosexuality36

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