Gay head cliffs geology

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The force of the ice mass pried boulders and rocks lose from the mainland and propelled them in its path. And in fact, Baylies and West learned from one of the Wampanoags that, as legend had it, the Den was where the giant Moshup broiled his food. Pease approved, and Boyer was permitted to enter the beach early in the morning before the public was admitted. My friend Bob Woodruff led the tour; he learned about the geology of the Island under the tutelage of Clifford Kaye, an internationally known geologist, who in the s made major contributions to our knowledge of the geology of the Vineyard. The largest exposures of beds of Cretaceous clay in the Gay Head cliffs may be seen in a section over a mile long. Unfortunately, efforts to strengthen bluffs with riprap or revetments only accelerate the erosion to neighboring beaches. Cretaceous outcroppings dating to about 95 million yrs old, consisting of red clays and white clays, similar in age to the white Cliffs of Dover.

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The submerged hull of the Island Home seemed a symbolic connection to the calamity that awaits all coastal communities.

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A Community of Scientists on Martha’s Vineyard

It gives you goose bumps. The Den is visible today as a bowl-shaped depression about 1,some feet in circumference and feet deep. In the summer ofPaul S. We followed in the footsteps of geologists, paleontologists, and archaeologists who — lured by the dramatic colors — have come to Gay Head since the 18th century, making it a primary target of study. It is in this fairly thin layer near the top of the Cliffs where ground quartz pebbles as well as camel and other bones have been found. The thickness of the Cretaceous beds exposed here is exceedingly difficult to estimate on account of complicated folding and overthrusting, but it probably nowhere exceeds feet. The third member of the trio, Bob Woodruff, who led our tour last November, is a wildlife biologist who came to the Vineyard in to become the director of the Vineyard Conservation Society, a position he held until

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In Houghton Mifflin published his blank verse poem Elizabeth of England. In over four decades as a geologist, Oldale has examined his share of elephant teeth. About that time, the native population entered the New England area and probably hunted mastodon and mammoth as well as smaller game, fish, and birds on the exposed coastal plain. Leave this field blank. The Dictionary of Unitarian and Universalist Biography describes him as caring little for his appearance; he was known for his absent-mindedness. In contrast, the soil left by the glacier meltwater in the outwash plains is of a harsh, sandy nature. The colors of the beds here are strikingly brilliant.

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