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Joelle just made a motion for Steve to hop up on the big massage table, on his flat stomach. Steve looked alittle scared, blushing and then said "uh He was feeling really nervous now - his dick felt like it shriveled up. She worked her way down to his sides and lower back, passing over his tight bubble butt, though getting her face close - very close to his asscrack. She ordered him to strip down to his underwear and then lie down on the specially made massage table what Steve didn't know it was made especially for him - to restrain him! I unbunched his shirt, buttoning it back up.

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This chapter is also dedicated to a close friend of mine who I care about - his name is also Steve from San Diego, but he's a different guy from the one in this story. But she was only being paid to prepare the boy - not to service him - and her instructions were strict. She is gorgeous Steve - she really is. Then she went and stretched out his muscled slightly hairy legs, massaging the lower legs and feet, having his feet touch almost made him jump. Eric assured him that it was legal - it was sensual not sexual, but he would enjoy it - and just to follow Joelle's instructions. Two or three other "girls" massaging his body? He gasped and said, "oh lord".

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Usually, she explained, they stayed away while she had clients. The opening was big enough that she could see the boy's tight flat stomach and navel, and the hair that trailed down to his underwear. His body was taut and caused the underwear to stretch across his muscled tight butt cheeks. Straight Boy Cum Control: She clearly was hot for his body - he saw that.

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