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Formerly the desk sergeant on the dayshift at the One-Five, Agostini later went to work for the Police Commissioner. The shrewish, crass Marie would be hard to get along with for just about anyone -- Greg probably only stayed with her for that long out of some sense of masochism. Unlike Diane, Rita left Vice not because she wanted to, but because her husband, ADA Don Harrison, was too disturbed by the idea of his wife dressing up as a hooker and walking the streets undercover. He knows what his characters want from other people. But the main reason she's gone is because, at 40, she wanted out of the acting business to pursue a career in TV journalism. This shows his "old school" approach as most of his fellow officers carry Glock pistols.

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It implies a level of engagement with the listener.

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In fact, Hawkeye goes on to explain, the chicken was the woman's own infant, murdered at his command. That's because the NYPD has a grandfather clause allowing veteran cops to continue using the older, smaller weapon if they so choose. He held a massive grudge against the 15th squad in general and Rodriguez in particular because years ago, Tony ratted out a cop -- who happened to be Fraker's partner -- who was riding shotgun for some drug dealers. The surprising product of the union between middle-aged Andy Sipowicz and the late Sylvia Costas, Theo was mercifully young enough to not quite realize the impact of his mother's murder.

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Spillane recalled.

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