Transgendered beauty pageants

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It's not fair to the other contestants when transgender women artificially sculpt their body to become the "ideal" woman. Most to Least Likes: Contestant Juana Paing of Myanmar prepares to go on stage with a traditional headdress. No - because the natural abilities that create competitive parity are distorted creating unfair advantages. Everyone deserves a chance and acceptance from others as the only thing that transgender people want is to fit in and they have the same rights as every human has. Doesn't seem fair to me.

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Vietnamese Singer Wins International Transgender Beauty Pageant

Are gender-specific jobs wrong? But then, Isn't that whats happening with many of the other contestants who were born as women? So, Good luck Miss Spain. Is gender equality desirable? Probably because they don't know about transgender people and were probably raised by bigots. If you can get a tras person in there and they win it could open the door for pageants to be judged fairly.

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Is Islam compatible with democracy: Otherwise, people who done the Plastic Surgery should also be allowed to the pageants. It would be unfair for a woman born a woman to be beat in a contest by someone who was born a male. You can do that while being a man: I think that anyone that wants to participate in a beauty pageant should be allowed to.

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