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They once allowed Otto to regain his driver's license during Otto's brief tenancy with the Simpson family due to their mutual dislike for Homer. Retrieved from " https: Overpay for Sex on the Beach. Happily she decides to keep quiet about it knowing that Patty will be marrying a man. Well, he passes the Selma Test. I came to ask you a favor. Stewart Burns received a Writers Guild of America Award nomination in the animation category for his work on "There's Something About Marrying", although he lost the award to another Simpsons writer.

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Rarely seen apart, Patty and Selma are known for their distinctive gravelly voices, their cynical outlook on life, their bitter and unpleasant personalities, and their love of cigarettes.

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There's Something About Marrying

Well, he passes the Selma Test. However, Reverend Lovejoy insists that the Bible forbids same-sex marriage and refuses to marry any gay couples. Retrieved from " https: New article from the Springfield Shopper: The free time they now had led to them taking up smoking. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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Happily she decides to keep quiet about it knowing that Patty will be marrying a man. Smooches on the Beach. According to the publications Zeek: Retrieved June 19, He is initially intended to date Selmabut he fell for Patty instead. Matt Groening created byJames L. They dated for a while but she turned down his marriage proposal, telling him she was too devoted to Selma to abandon her.

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