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I'm so ready to climb back to the top and make it all over again. As you might expect, the audience was excited with that last unexpected trick. I know men sometimes like getting compliments from other men about their physique not for sexual reasons, but because men can bestow Alpha male status and respect on other dudes in away women cannot. That's Scott Klein R He made a few homoerotic videos. He tried to ajusted it a few times during his performance. In the context of bodybuilding where things are inherenlty oversexual it's likely that one can end up being provocative to some extent.

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This is simply about pics of bodybuilders whose genitalia is not properly hidden under their posing suits or too explicilty outlined.

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I wonder if any of the physique photographers have approached him to pose nude. Not arousal in the sense of getting an erection, but feeling satisfied that the public finds you attractive. This is actually a well-designed suit. These guys look great. Wearing more conservative clothing.

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Nat Paul Teeny weeny! I don't see what you're seeing dude. Homoeroticism was normal in ancient Greece. I mentioned once that there used to be a video of an I believe Italian competition and there was this bodybuilder wearing a blue posing suit and, by the end of his routine he removed his posing suit like a male stripper and was completely naked on stage. What's wrong about using emoji? It's evident from multiple shows he loves showing off the pubes. R, aesthetics is an end game unto itself.

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