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I think this is reflected in the data: I agree with you — your comments on each encounter were really, really interesting. But what exactly made for good sex? Other categories line up exactly where I expect them to be e. Are there qualities associated with good encounters that I could home in on and better seek out in future partners? But that becomes beautifully and amusingly crystalized in these reviews. In fact, I suspect that poppers get a bum rap here because I sometimes use them as a crutch for bad sex.

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Thanks for your thought provoking shamelessness — in the best sense of the word.

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What makes for great sex in your life? I remember one of the first times it ever really happened for me, with a one-night fling a few years back. While perhaps not in the sense that most people use the word, it was an act of love. We went through the highlights. In the moment, I felt somehow that I was more connected to him. Beyond just sheer numbers, how is good sex described? I agree with you — your comments on each encounter were really, really interesting.

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That said, what does seem to make a difference albeit a slight one is whether or not that condom use was planned. I quickly got the sense this year that planning sex without condoms requires breaking a code of silence that makes many gay men uncomfortable. This is a project about my sex life. Then I assign each encounter a subjective score from 1 to 10 1 being the worst sex ever; 10 being the best sex ever. While I recognize that this subjective scoring is confounded by god knows how many unnamed factors, this still surprised me. November 5, at 3: Over partners later, the data collection has evolved a great deal and I now record information on over 50 variables!

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